We are challenging the norm by combining design thinking with smart technologies and know-how
We are challenging the norm by combining innovative thinking with smart technologies and know-how

About Sentio Lab

Sentio Lab is a strategy and innovation consultancy company founded in 2009. We help organisations transform, rethink leadership practices, and create new business models. By defining a clear strategy for innovation, we help commited leaders unleash the potential of their organisations.

We partner with our clients to generate insights, ideas and turn them into opportunities for growth by defining the value proposition, business model and value chain. 

Sentio Lab is all about making business more meaningful and innovation-driven.

Anja Hoffmann

Anja Hoffmann is a consultant and business developer who unlocks insights and new thinking for companies that will benefit from a new organisational mindset and a better understanding of the relationship between the evolution of technology and its impact on business, society, and the individual.

Anja has studied the effects of emerging technologies on business innovation, customer experience, and culture. Through all of her work, Anja enables people and businesses to transform their approach from traditional business management to the management of a collaborative culture.  

Anja is an innovation mentor at the science & technology park Scion DTU A/S. She is also a member of the Advisory Board at Roskilde Universitet, Centre for Experience Economy and Leadership. As a board member of NordicOpera, Anja provides the organisation with fundraising opportunities and partnerships. 

What's Your Game-changing Actions for Fueling the Future?

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Anja Hoffmann

Speak Up & Challenge!

As an entrepreneurial and business leader, I've dedicated my career to breaking new ground - both by building businesses together with thought leaders and by speaking up and challenging corporate leaders, public associations and other businesses.

Anja Hoffmann