If You Can Dream It – You Can Print It!

At the Forefront of Tomorrow’s Manufacturing

January 31, 2017
Anja Hoffmann

Smart technologies are transforming traditional factories from cost centers into profit centers. It’s time to reimagine what the future of manufacturing will look like.

If You Can Dream It - You Can Print It!
The most innovative companies are prioritising the need for transformation including social, economic and environmental innovation as part of their approach to business planning.
I was invited to Siemens’ industrial plant in Finspang, Sweden to get first-hand impressions of the latest and most-advanced technologies like additive manufacturing and see what might radically change society, life and manufacturing over the next 10 years. The facility is built on a foundation of knowledge and innovation – activities that leverage solutions in new ways, building upon previous advances to continue moving Siemens forward. Read more at Siemens - Competitive Industries