Want to innovate better and transform the future?

Our approach to innovation and business development is designed to solve real, specific challenges and adress a higher purpose, not just profits.

We help companies to transform business models, strategies and rethink customer experiences. Our deep innovation expertise and capabilities in strategic execution, change management, high-tech trends and knowledge, commercial execution, along with our commitment to collaborate across industries, science labs and startups, results in competitive advantages and sustainable solutions.

Our Expertise

Strategic Transformation

Does your business need to transform to level up?

We help you respond to the challenges and opportuntiies in the industry 4.0 and align your strategy to new transformation objectives: from technologies to daily operations to people. 

Innovation is a primary source of strategic advantage, and drives forward higher efficiency, sustainability, productivity, and strategic transformation.

  • Cutting through the high-tech buzzwords
  • Make the right decisions concerning strategic transformation and innovation
  • Make decisions concerning high-tech solutions
  • Accelerating strategic transformation and business innovation
  • Support new strategic pathways 

Keywords: Business models, new practice leadership, value proposition, growth, innovation strategy

One-on-One Sparring

One-on-one sparring with top management and curious leaders in a confidential environment. We work with business leaders to promote new practice leadership and mindsets that results in making a sustainable impact in a rapidly changing world. Our approach enables you to propel ahead. 

  • Critical and confidential conversations that challenge and change perspectives
  • Discuss new thoughts and business challenges
  • Get an objective second perspective on business ideas or future aspirations
  • Build up leadership capabilities to achieve short- and long-term strategic goals
  • Establish an innovation board to provide continuity of strategy development and innovation

Keywords: Confidential, leadership development, management coaching, innovation board

Ecosystems for Innovation

Too many companies overlooks the critical aspekt of the appropriate knowledge and technological capabilities in their innovation efforts.

Strong ecosystems generates a positive correlation between technology, know-how, and innovation. Collaborations across industries and the science sector allows new ideas to spread and create the ability for innovation. It involves collaboration with scientists, partners, employees, customers to rethink tomorrow's business models and build new solutions.

  • Mapping, analyzing and designing innovation ecosystems 
  • Initiating and maturing ecosystems for innovation
  • Gain new insights
  • Nurturing the culture of the ecosystem
  • Build a strong network of stakeholders early on in your innovation efforts

Keywords: Partnerships, innovation portfolio, new resources, new know-how, shared infrastructure, visualising and mapping stakeholders

Technology Scouting

Assessing the maturity of emerging technologies involves determing its readiness for operations across a spectrum of business objectives. Technology scouting is focused on identifying technologies, researching of business potentials and the eventual transfer of these technologies to the company.

A major challenge in tech-driven innovation is how to avoid the "Valley of Disruptive Buzzwords". We explore the technology landscape and ways to achieving success in the industry 4.0. 

  • Navigate the complex landscape of the technologies driving industry 4.0 
  • Provide a common understanding of technology maturity at the industry and company level 
  • The impact and effects of technologies on growth and volatility at the business level

Keywords: Analytics, technological innovation, risk management, technology maturity

Get Ahead of the Game!

Let us know if you want to discuss ways of working together. We challenge you to stay ahead of the market and offer key trend evaluation, insights, and strategic perspectives across industries.