Want to innovate better and transform the future?

We provide technical and strategic advice on innovations and trends in rapid business development, business models, and new ecosystems.

We advises public and private companies undergoing transformation and change processes. We presents, consults and do workshops at companies and business conferences. The services we provide are:

  • Designing and building strategic partnerships to achieve major goals
  • Design thinking and business model innovation: The future of business and identification of new markets 
  • Insights into how an organisation's structures, silos and culture hinder innovation
  • Tools, trends and insights to turn around your organisation, leadership and business
  • Technology that is transforming the business ecosystem and customer experience as we know it. What to do?

We focus on the interaction between people, technology and trends. For us the key factor in successful transformation and innovation is the conception of leadership and what it means with regard to how people thrive and act in innovative organisations. 

To help business leaders on the innovative journey, Anja Hoffmann offers one-on-one sparring. Anja contribute towards new perspectives based on research and many years experience.

Get Ahead of the Game!

Let us know if you want to discuss ways of working together. We challenge you to stay ahead of the market and offer key trend evaluation, insights, and strategic perspectives across industries.