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Adventures in Tech Wonderland: Avoiding the Bermuda Triangle

Emerging technologies are challenging our understanding of business - bringing opportunities and challenges for growth and competitiveness.

Ever heard of the Bermuda Triangle of tech investments? It' s the place where good money goes to vanish mysteriously. But fear not! Successful companies navigate this treacherous terrain with a magical elixir called calm. They have mastered the art of being tech fluent. It's not just about speaking in code; it’s about waltzing through the tech lingo with calm. I've worked with companies going from "Huh?!" to "A-ha!" just because they stay calm, invest in people and time for reflection. Yet some business executives never make time for it. These leaders might underestimate the time and resources needed for a project and, as a result, fail to promote collaboration and open communication in their organization.

Let's face it, understanding emerging technologies can feel like deciphering ancient hieroglyphics. But when you throw in a few informal meetings, suddenly, it's not so intimidating. Emotional dimensions are crucial to nurturing human relationships and understandings of opportunities in a tech environment.

Tech investments: A Tale of Triumphs

Becoming a great leader and designing a competitive company in the digital age requires a blend of leadership qualities, strategic thinking, and a commitment to understand the interplay between technology, innovation, sustainability - and people!

Working closely with industrial companies has been an adventurous and rewarding experience. Witnessing the transformation of traditional processes into highly efficient, tech-integrated operations has been a testament to the potential of digitalization. One of the most fulfilling aspects of my role has been seeing companies not only embrace tech investments but thrive in the face of it.


The dazzling world of emerging technologies and innovation can be a rollercoaster of bits, bytes, and breakthroughs. As the rollercoaster twist and turns, it is common for some riders to experience a momentary loss of vision and/or consciousness. But we will all get back on track.

If you're navigating a path or interested in exploring the potential of emerging technologies, here's some of my experiences working with companies that have successfully navigated the tech wonderland:

✅ Take a deep dive in case studies: Gain valuable insights from real-world examples of companies that successfully navigated the integration of technologies, innovation, and sustainability into their core business strategies.

NB! Use your critical thinking and don't be another branding brainwash victim! Regrettably, some companies turn out to be more talk than action, with their biggest asset being impressive branding stunts rather than tangible initiatives.

✅ Skills development and onboarding: Sure, having tech ambitions is nice, but those ambitions will not come into reality if you don't have a culture of open collaboration and the right skills. Many business executives emphasize fostering a culture of collaboration, yet too few leaders incorporate space for informal meetings, often setting unrealistic project deadlines that hinder genuine collaboration. Are you one of them? Of course not!

Discover systematic approaches to addressing the skills and competencies gap within the organisation, ensuring that teams are equipped to drive progress and development.


✅ Harnessing emerging technologies: To navigate the technology landscape, one must first gain the most fundamental level of understanding of the advances in science and innovation. Seek opportunities in deep tech and startup ecosystems to understand the potential of emerging technologies such as AI, advanced sensors, metaverse and Digital Twin.

As mentor for deep tech startups at DTU Science Park, I tap into the world of science and breakthrough innovations. Mentoring is a two-way experience, as I help entrepreneurs fostering the growth and success of their ventures while simultaneously gaining invaluable insights and exposure to new use cases in ever-evolving field of emerging technologies.

Consider mentoring as you next adventure - where the real-world challenges and transformative impact of guiding others can be more enriching than any fancy course.


✅ Keep calm: Focus on calmness in your 'agile' organisation. Calmness is intricately connected to innovation as it provides a conducive mental environment for openness and creativity to flourish. In a state of calm, individuals are more likely to engage in divergent thinking, allowing them to explore unconventional ideas and technology perspectives.

In the digital jungle, project and program management are the trusty compasses. I've seen companies transform chaos into harmony with killer project plans that make even the most intricate tech dance seem like a walk in a park. My mission is to guide companies through the enchanted forest of emerging technologies without getting lost in the maze of jargon. Keep calm and reach your goals!


Make room for the wicked problems and wild ideas!

Innovation is the unicorn of the sustainable and tech realm. Companies that succeed are the ones who don't just chase the unicorn but ride it like they stole it. I've seen idea and design sessions turn into idea hurricanes, where every idea gets a seat at the table. It's like a tech circus, minus the clown wigs (well, sometimes). The lack of alignment in these areas may hinder companies from fully capitalizing on the potential that emerges when technology, innovation, and sustainability converge. These experiences underscore the boundless possibilities awaiting companies willing to embrace emerging technologies, open collaboration, and partnerships in solving wicked problems. Strategic partnerships facilitate focus, enhances problem-solving abilities, and encourages a willingness to take calculated risks - key ingredients for fostering a solid foundation for decision quality.


As the tech age continues to evolve, the role of strategic partnerships in industrial settings becomes increasingly crucial. The adventures involve not only staying ahead of technological trends but also inspiring a culture of innovation that propels companies into a future characterized by newfound green business opportunities. My experiences have reinforced the belief that, with the right guidance, program management, and strategic approach, companies can build a foundation that ensures their relevance and success in the tech age. It's like orchestrating a symphony, only with more code and fewer violins. Business executives have always focused on outcomes. With emerging technologies, there are new and advanced enablers that make it possible to discuss and discover effective approaches to align with the specific opportunities and desired outcomes for your business.


So, in the unpredictable world of exploring the potential of emerging technologies in your business, remember: a solid foundation for decision quality isn't just a safety net; it's the superhero cape your project portfolio deserves - ensuring that your tech investments have the best chance of standing the test of time.


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