Industry 4.0: It's survival of the smartest
Industry 4.0: It's survival of the smartest

To stay successful, companies must continually evolve

March 1, 2020
Anja Hoffmann

Business today is characterized by technology-driven innovation. To stay successful, companies must continually evolve. It's survival of the smartest.

If you want to survive in industry 4.0, go beyond innovation theater

Gain insights into the world of 4IR technologies and innovation, going beyond the buzzwords by focusing on your company DNA. First, gain an understanding of your internal innovation capabilities, including skills, processes, business partners, and more. Next, explore how a new model for collaboration and innovation can apply to your organization to create new paths to growth and automation.

Think about:

‣ How do you define your innovation strategy and create your roadmap to success?

‣ How do you tap into new technologies?

‣ How do you work with new strategic partners to empower your innovation?

‣ How do you evolve new processes to stay on top?

‣ How do you expand your offerings and create new value-added products or services?

Executing on innovation? Remember no one succeeds alone. We cannot be successful in an ambitious way alone. We need new insights and ideas. We need new business partners. It does not matter what our goal is. No one innovates alone.