Technology is transforming every industry. Winners are challenging status quo to thrive in the 21st century

What can we do for you?, or even better. What can we do together?

We are specialized in boosting business transformation, growth and innovative capabilities via the interaction between business, leadership, culture and technologies. 

Sentio Lab has helped companies in many industries - from high-tech companies to public services to financiel services - to realise value from trends and technologies. We help you transform your innovation performance by combining our technical and strategic knowledge with our experience in business development. 

Collaboration is the way forward

Our collaborations between universities, research and technological institutes, startups, and companies ranges from brief guidance to extensive business collaborations. 

  • One-on-One Meeting, Leadership or Board Meeting: We gives guidance to business transformation, innovation strategies, assessing technological maturity at the industry level or presentatios.
  • Business Innovation Projects: We carries out innovation analyses, technological readiness, and identify strategic opportunties to take your company towards the industry 4.0. We help companies in making the right strategic decisions concerning innovation and business development. 
  • Cross-collaboration: We develop and design collaborative initiatives across industries, science environments and companies. We create new kinds of collaboration for business development in the industry 4.0.

What are you doing today to grow your business for tomorrow? 

Putting innovation on the agenda

Together with our clients and business partners, we innovate businesses.


We offer innovative consulting services, which is characterized by a differentiated approach to how to create a new growth mindset across your organisation. We're fascinated by new technologies, business models and ideas, and how they can make the world better. 


Invite us to speak to your organisation about the challenges of innovation and transformation.

We speak to large groups, small groups, and for a variety of events. 


Nobody succeeds in a silo. To innovate and ultimately thrive we must effectively build partnerships with many around us. Innovation and new strategic initiatives is the result of collaborative partnerships. We share our network relations and build partnerships across sectors.

Let's connect today and share insights shaping tomorrow!

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Winning businesses will adopt a more comprehensive approach to innovating, aligning the organisation across silos and priorities.